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Coral atolls form the islands of Maldives and they are rightly considered as one of natural world wonders. We can find some luxury hotels on several islands. Local coral atolls are famous diving paradise.

Local fishermen hunt big tunas in atoll surroundings but sportive fishing is a news in Maldives. Fishery at the hotels and on the settled islands is generally prohibited. There are hundreds of uninhabited isles and you can visit their coasts with us on the deck of house boats.

Fishing safari on Maldives is an adventure to the fairy-tale world of tropical islands and coral atolls.



Motor boats offer one-bed or two-bed cabins, full board. Chefs serve Indian and Creole meals. Beverages (beer, water bottle and lemonades) are possible to buy for European prices.


There are three types of boats: standard, luxury and exclusive.

There are one-bed and two-bed cabin in each boat with a shower and a lavatory, a kitchen, a dining room, a captain deck, a TV-DVD, an echo-sounder, GPS, AC generator and an opened deck. There is a small motor- boat with each boat available. Every boat is controlled by local captain, two sailors, chef and his assistant. Boat staff are not fishing guides but they have enough experiences to chose perfect fishing district.

Standard boats are 14-20 m long, luxury and exclusive boats are 25-30 m long. Luxury and exclusive boats have own desalinizate unit to make drinking water, air-conditioned cabins, internet access, a bar and a lounge.

Quality of food board on standard boats is one – star category, four-star category it is on luxury and exclusive boats.


Considering the programme, the way of travelling and accommodation, we recommend to rent the boats for the groups of people they know one another. Optimal size of the group on the standard boat is 4-6 people, on the luxury and exclusive boats 8-14 people.

Clients prepare the programme of the day – individual programme, fishing,relaxing on the beach, scuba diving and snorkeling.


Standard boats offer fishing directly from front and back deck, eventually from the roof. The fishing options on luxury and exclusive boats are limited at the back deck. Fishing proceeds from motor boats- dhoni that are 10-12 m long or from a small motor- boat. Maximum of 5-6 people can fish from the boats simultaneusly. According to your order the luxury boat can be accompanied with maximum three fishing boats - dhoni.

The only fishing equipment on a standard boat is gaff. Equipment for trolling is available after the deal with captain (rods, trolls, fishlines) and jigging eventually.


Other activities

You can go swimming or snorkeling during fishing near coral atolls. There is also possible to provide a complete diving equipment and diving instructor services.


Fish hunting

Fishery and fishing season

You can go fishing to Maldives islands all year round but the ideal fishing season is from November to April. The combination of fishing and a stay on the boat offers the possibility to go fishing almost 24 hours a day if you want.

We can divide fishing into four groups: spinning from the boat at the atoll coast, spinning and fly fishing from the coast (sand – banks and atolls), trolling and a ground fishing from the docked boat (jigging and hunting for natural baits).


There is not any fishing equipment on the standard boats available (only rod and gaff holders). You can borrow the basic equipment for trolling and jigging on the luxury boats.

The capacity of the boat is about 8-20 people but only 6 fishermen can hunt simoultaneously. Standard boats offer fishing directly from front and back deck, eventually from the roof or from a small motor boat. The fishing on luxury and exclusive boats proceeds from the fishing boats – dhoni and eventually from a small motor boat. It is possible to provide next fishing boat in the case when there are more fishermen on the luxury boat.


Hunted kinds of fish

Amberjack (1-50 kg), rainbow-runner, (2-10 kg), pelamida – wahoo (5-20 kg), dorados – koryféna (2-15 kg), barrakuda (1-20 kg), kanic (1-50 kg), snapper, (0,5-20 kg), striped bonito (0,5-3 kg), tuna (10-100 kg), sea devil (from 5 kg), shark (from 2 kg), marlin (30-60 kg), swordfish (from 20 kg), bonefish: (0,5-3 kg), permit: ( 0,5-4 kg), sciaeniade (1-5 kg), atoll fish(four-tooth fish, ostenci, bodloci, pruhatci, chrochtalove...)


Fishing techniques and equipment

It is good to optimalize your own fishing equipment and to know how big fishes you want to hunt. Fishing techniques and equipment have to be adjusted.

Spinning from the boat

We usually fish from the atolls, in sand-banks, in streams near the islands. Surface wobblers and poppers are used, eventually for fast spoons, jig-streamers or twisters/rippers.

Hunted kinds of fish: primarily amberjackes, rainbow-runner, barracuda, striped bonito, wahoo. Sometimes we hunt marlins and bigger types of tuna and gropers. If you would like to hunt gropers or other types of fish you have to optimalize your fishing equipment. You should have a rod 2,7-3,3 metres long with a throwing weight of 150-300g.

We recommend for example Shimano Stella 10.000 SW or Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight 6.500.


Lighter spinning and drifting in sand-banks of the islands

We usually fish from the atolls, in sand-banks. Surface wobblers and poppers are used, eventually for fast spoons, jig-streamers or twisters/rippers.

Hunted kinds of fish: primarily amberjackes, barracuda, striped bonito, gropers and atoll fish. There are fishes in category of 0,5-10 kg and they can be fast in sand-banks and atolls. We recommend a rod 2,7-3,3 m long with a throwing weight 50-200 g.


Deep fishing

We hunt in deeps of 5-50 m for bigger or smaller fish pieces, fillets or for whole fish loaded with lead on the angling rod with weight of 20-80 g (depending on deep, stream and size of the fishing baits).

Hunted kinds of fish: mainly tunas, gropers, atoll fish, sea devils and sharks. You should optimalize your fishing equipment depending on the size of the fish. It could happen that fish with weight more than 30 kg are attracted by fishing lures in deeps under 20 m.



We primarily hunt in deeps of 15-80 m for thin jiggs/pilkers and jigstreamers with weight of 40-200g. It is possible to move quickly with a fishing bait or drift it. It is necessity to make moves very fast that is why this technique is called speedjigging.

Hunted kinds of fish: mainly, gropers, tunas, atoll fish, barracudas, wahoos and amberjackes. You should optimalize your fishing equipment depending on the size of the fish.


Trolling – spinning behind the boat

We use surface lures (octupuses, tufts, surface stimulators), real and false fish, wobblers.

Hunted kinds of fish: mainly tunas, wahoos, dorados, barracuda, amberjackes, marlins and swordfish.

If you want to hunt marlins, swordfish or big tunas use the rod 2-2,4 m long of 50-100 lb class and a quality troll with minimum 300 m fishline or a stringline (weight cca 30-60 kg). To get wahoos, barracudas, small fish and amberjackes your equipment can be in 30-50 lb class.


Fly fishing

We use fly fishing in sand-banks and in atolls. We hunt bonefish, small amberjackes, (mainly bluefin), permits and atoll fish.

We recommend the rod 9-10 feet (2,7-3 m) long, AFTMA 8-10, a quality troll with an intermediary or floating line (the best is transparent one) and at least 100 m of base. We usually use leader fishlines 0,25 - 0,35 mm with flies imitating spawn, prawn or petty shellfish.



It is possible to take a direct flight from Vienna, Munich or Frankfurt (9 hours of flight).

From Prague to Male with transfer in Vienna, Frankfurt or in Emirates (9-12 hours of flight).

Flight ticket cost from 21000,-Kč.

The standard luggage in economical class has weight of 20 kg but it is possible to book fly tickets where basic price includes a luggage with 30 kg.

Plane – ticket prices are dependent on free reservation classes in a concrete flight. We recommend booking your flight in earlier time period.
You can also use our on-line reservation system where you can get profitable flight tickets.


From Male we go on motor boat around atolls north of south from Male.




We usually prepare week tours from November to March but we are able to arrange your own term if you require.


Standard category: one-week fishing safari is from 25.000 to 35.000 Kč per person in the group of 4-6 fishermen (depending on the season and the number of people on the deck).

Luxury category: one-week fishing safari is from 40.000 do 70.000 Kč per person in the group of 6-14 fishermen (depending on the season and the number of people on the deck).

Exclusive category: one-week fishing safari is from 65.000 do 75.000 Kč per person in the group of 8-12 fishermen (depending on the season and the number of people on the deck).

Transfers from the airport to the boat and back, 7x full board and lodgings, 6 fishing days together with a fishing licence, local and tourist fees are always included in the price mentioned.


We are able to calculate a concrete price depending on your requirements.

Our travel agency is specialized at fishing in attractive destinations.

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