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The Caribbean sea

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Why don´t you spend your piece of life in one of the last paradise on the Earth? Make your dream come true! The only holiday combined with fishing and diving in accordance with your dreams. The cruises will be prepared as you required. You are the one who decide about the term, rating, length and style of your holiday.

The Caribbean sea


  • Possibility to float on flotilla
  • teambuilding and company actions on the yacht
  • expeditionary trips among Indians to the delta of Orinoco and visit Angel waterfalls
The Caribbean sea


We provide your stay on the yacht Gib Sea 51 - Lady Blue. Parameters of the boat are available HERE.

The boat works only when the captain is on. The crew can help with operating, navigation and service on the boat. The crew leave in the day of change at 9 o´clock. The new crew get abroad after 4 o´clock pm. A young Czech pair presents as the captains on the boat. They have ten – year long experience on the Caribbean sea. The boat Lady Blue is their fourth boat they own.

The Caribbean sea

Equipment of the boat

  • x two-bed cabin
  • x bathroom + lavatory
  • deck shower
  • gas cooker with an oven
  • outdoor grill
  • plates , knives and forks
  • x fridge
  • stereo radio FM, CD, USB, MP3 player
  • radio with high frequency
  • boiler with hot water
  • electric solar panels 400 W
  • deck plugs 12 V/220 V
  • electric tackle of anchor chain
  • inflatable boat with solid bottom and outboard motor 15Hp/ 5 Hp
  • rescue island for ten people
  • x life jackets
  • EPIR floats
  • x satellite navigation GPS
  • map ploter
  • indicator of wind direction and power
  • information system + LOG, bathometer
  • autopilot
  • VHF radio station
  • Mobil hand radio station
  • Navigation computer for electronic maps
  • Fishing equipment
  • Sea kayak
  • Volley - ball
  • books, CDs, DVDs
The Caribbean sea The Caribbean sea

The equipment for diving in the Caribbean

  • inflatable boat with solid bottom 15Hp / 5Hp
  • x bottle 12 a 15 l, 2 ventils, DIN
  • x belt with the load of 8 kg
  • x complete equipment for machine scuba diving
  • x complete equipment for snorchling
The Caribbean sea


The boat kitchen is standardly equipped. Food on the island is more expensive than in Europe, but the prices are acceptable. It is also possible to take own food with you. We recommend to take cheese and salami. There are a lot of occasions for good fishermen and strikes. You can get some fruit – coconuts, pineaple, mangos, grapefruits from the countryside. In the evening you can taste the local creole cuisine together with local coctails. The crew is responsible for food on the boat. Service staff prepare some good coctails if you like. It is possible to buy some food before your arrival.

The Caribbean sea

Sanitation on the boat

The boat is equipped with 5 two-bed cabins and each of them has its own social facility. Restroom is washed with salty water, showers are situated in the bathroom. The boat is an independent unit and it does not have plumbing fittings from the bank. We need to economize with water. The capacity of water on the boat is 1050 liters that is why the store of freshwater is limited. We have to become modest because the trip on the boat is not short. It does not mean stop of the cleanness. Everyone swims in the sea. You cannot find better accommodation nearer to the sea than the boat.

More useful information about accommodation and cruise HERE!

The Caribbean sea

Fish hunting

Not only fishermen will love continuous stress caused by pulling the bait behind the boat and pleasure when catching fish. Captain will prepare your fish in various ways. Ortodox fishermen have the only chance to spend 24 hours fishing. You can use a motor boat, two trolling rods with multipliers and one přívlačový prut. Consider carefully taking your own fishing equipment. We can help you and give advice.

The Caribbean sea

The best destination for fish hunting in the Caribbean is in St. Maarten, in its surrounding islands and Virgin islands. The most frequent catch is tuna, barracuda, dorády, royal fish, wahoo and lot of other kinds of fishes. The greatest experience becomes with the hunting of tarpon. Tarpon is the mist fighting fish in the world and to fight with it is adrenaline adventure. You can also fish marlins, swordfish, sea devils and sharks.

We also enjoy fishing of coral fishes, night hunting of sharks, tarpons, sea devils and other night predators in the bays.

The Caribbean sea


To Grenada (GND), Trinidad a Tobago (TAB), St. Lucia (UVF) and Antigua (ANU) we recommend the flight company Condor from Frankfurt. Return tickets are about 24 000,- Kč including all fees. Cheaper possibility how to get on the islands is with the company of Monarch from London. Return tickets are about 10 000,-Kč including all fees. You can take charter flights to London.

To the French islands: Martinik (FDF), Guadeloupe (PTP) and St. Martin (SXM) is possible to fly from Prague or Vienna cross Paris with the company Air France. The price of flight tickets is about 25 000,- Kč including fees. A lot of plane companies fly to the Caribbean: Corsair and Air Caraibes. The prices of these flight tickets are about 400,- Euro including fees.

To the Virgin islands you can get on the island of Tortola (TOV). The companies Air France and KLM fly there. The prices of flight tickets are variable.

If you wish, the crew will be picked up at the airport and brought on the boat.

The Caribbean sea

Plane – ticket prices are dependent on free reservation classes in a concrete flight. We recommend booking your flight in earlier time period.
You can also use our on-line reservation system where you can get profitable flight tickets.


Terms and prices 2010/2011

Term Place - Route Length of stay Price per person Price for a boat
5.4. - 26.4. Grenada - Antigua 3 weeks 30 000,- Kč 240 000,- Kč
26.4. - 12.5. Antigua - Guadeloupe - Dominica - Martinik - St. Lucia 16 days 22 000,- Kč 176 000,- Kč
17.5. - 31.5. Martinik - Grenadiny - Martinik 2 weeks 21 000,- Kč 168 000,- Kč
31.5. - 14.6. Small Antiles 2 weeks 20 000,- Kč 160 000,- Kč
14.6. - 28.6. Small Antiles 2 weeks 20 000,- Kč 160 000,- Kč
28.6. - 19.7. Venesuela - Delta Orinoca 3 weeks 30 000,- Kč 240 000,- Kč
19.7. - 9.8. Venesuela - Delta Orinoca 3 weeks30 000,- Kč 240 000,- Kč
9.8. - 30.8. Venesuela - Delta Orinoca (Angelic Falls) 3 weeks 30 000,- Kč 240 000,- Kč
30.8. - 20.9. Venesuela , Delta Orinoca (Angelic Falls) 3 weeks 30 000,- Kč 240 000,- Kč
20.9. - 4.10. Venesuela - Delta Orinoca 2 weeks 21 000,- Kč 168 000,- Kč
4.10. - 18.10. Venesuela - Delta Orinoca 2 weeks 21 000,- Kč 168 000,- Kč
18.10. - 1.11. Small Antiles 2 weeks 21 000,- Kč 168 000,- Kč
1.11. - 15.11. Martinik - St. Maarten 2 weeks 21 000,- Kč 168 000,- Kč
15.11. - 26.11. St. Maarten a okolní ostrovy 11 dnů 16 500,- Kč 132 000,- Kč
29.11. - 20.12. St. Maarten and surrounding islands 3 weeks 29 000,- Kč 232 000,- Kč
20.12. - 3.1. Virgin islands 2 weeks 22 000,- Kč 176 000,- Kč
3.1. - 17.1. Virgin islands 2 weeks 22 000,- Kč 176 000,- Kč
17.1. - 31.1. Small Antiles 2 weeks 22 000,- Kč 176 000,- Kč
31.1. - 14.2. Small Antiles 2 weeks 22 000,- Kč 176 000,- Kč
14.2. -28.2. Small Antiles 2 weeks 22 000,- Kč 176 000,- Kč
28.2. - 14.3. Small Antiles 2 weeks 22 000,- Kč 176 000,- Kč
14.3. - 28.3. Small Antiles 2 weeks 22 000,- Kč 176 000,- Kč
The Caribbean sea


The routes and terms mentioned could be changed as you required. Some of the planned trips do not finish in starting ports and we can chose longer and more interesting routes if you would like. We recommend to book your trip on time.


The price for a person is valid when eight people are boarded on the boat. The boat is possible to occupy with maximum of 9 people of crew. During reservation you pay 30% from the rent price of the boat. Additional payment is 4 weeks before departure. Reservation is valid after charging advance payment. Contact us for advice and help with crew.

Payments and fees annulment

Conditions annulment : 0 - 30 days before the beginning of the cruise is fees annulment 100% from the rent price of the boat, 31 and more days before the start of the cruise the fees annulment are equal to the advance payment. In the case when client cannot participate personally on the cruise, he is qualified to assign the third person without fees annulment.

The price do not include

Transport, food, port fees and customs, fuel and water.
Plane ticket - cca 16 000,-Kč - 26 000,-Kč
Food - cca 120,-Euro / person
Port fees and customs, fuel and water - cca 80,-Euro / person

The price includes

Services of the captain, cooking (when you are interested in), final cleaning, gas, sheets, pillows, inflatable boat with solid bottom and motor 15Hp, GPS, other navigation equipment, autopilot, fishing equipment, volley – ball, football, snorchling equipment, using of sea kayak, bottles and leads.

Contact us for free terms and last minute...

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