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Norway - Soroya - Sorvaerstua

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The island of Soroya in the region of Finnmark on the north of Norway offers the best conditions for deep fishing than somewhere else. Norwegians themselves call this island of fishing paradise. The island is surrounded with Barents sea that is rich for trophy codfish and halibuts.


We recommend this stay to experienced fishermen with fishing practices on the sea, known their own potentialities and desire to get a trophy catch.




Luxury fishing cottage Sorvaerstua lies at the bank of Soroya island in the village called Sorvaer, 60 km north-west from Alta city and about 150 km northeast from Tromso. In the fishing cottage Sorvaerstua you can find ten bedrooms, a large lounge, a conference room, a full equipped kitchen and sauna with a view to the sea. You can also admire a night sun from there. Sorvaerstua is a stylish new building primarily constructed as a club hotel. It is made of wood.


You can get full board meal plan or to cook by yourselves in an equipped kitchen: cooker, coffee maker, fridge, microwave oven, dishwasher, freezer, washing machine are available for you. In the case that the guests do not want to use the service of Sorvaerstua cottage (18.000 Kč/person/week) it is possible to visit a local cafeteria 50 m from the house or a restaurant about 400 m from the house. (It is possible to arrange breakfast, lunch or dinner). The order has to be arranged sufficiently on time.

In each room there is a level bed with a wide lower bed, wardrobe, table, shower and lavatory.

There is a dining table, fireplace, satellite TV and a stereo set in a lounge. Glass wall offers a beautiful view on the sea and night sun in the summer season. Enter from the lounge leads to the kitchen and opened attic where a conference room is situated. There you can use a computer and TV.


The landing stage is found 150 m from Sorvaerstua and it is a part of sportive and fishing dock. There is a small house directly on the landing stage where you can clean and prepare fish. The freezers, space to save fishing equipment and clothes is available.


There is a possibility to hire quality boats Kvaerno 6 m long with a steering wheel, electric starter, echo-sounder-GPS-plotter and motor of 40-50 HP (17.000 Kč/week). Some visitors fish on the cutter together with an experienced shipman and guide. Cutters are available for maximum of 4-5 fishermen (18.000 Kč for 7-8 hours) or larger boats for 8 fishermen (cca 1.500 NOK/hour).


Fish hunting

The fishing season on the island of Soroya starts in the middle of April and lasts till the half of September. Soroya coast is important for trophy codfish (record 38,6 kg), but also big dark and onespotted codfish, seawolves and halibuts are hunted here. (mainly in August and September). The local codfish population consists from artic ocean codfish that live at the coast whole year. You can fish snooks, and halibuts (out of the dock) too. Trophy fish regions are the most valuable thing of our visitors. It is not necessity to go far or deep to fish. Only a few minutes from the dock there are perfect fishing districts, some of them 20-40 metres deep!


The most common technique to fish trophy codfish is montage of pirks 200-1000 g with leaders (grigs and small octopuses).

Halibut hunters prefer jigs 500-700 g (fishing grounds are 50 m deep where strong streaming rises) and big twisters-rippers or dark codfish (weight of 0,5 – 1kg) as fishing baits.

Spining is effectual for fishing along the coast and in shallow places, in the places with higher water stream and nearer to the growth of sea weed and skuas. Generally we use spoons and rubber lures.


There are also a lot of lakes full of trouts and siveni on the island. The most common technique is spinning or false fly fishing. Draughts are about 0,5-3 kg. Fishing licence costs about 300 NOK.

Our provider is in contact with local scuba divers so it is possible to go fishing under the sea.


Motor boats

Boat drivers with date of birth 1.1.1980 or younger need to own international valid driving licence for motorboats longer than 8 meters and with motors above 25 HP. (captain licence).



You can take a car or go on the plane to the region ( Taxi or car transfer will take you to the fishing district from the airport). The most common flight is Prague-Oslo-Tromso-Hasvik. The prices of flight tickets are about 13000,-Kč / person including fees.

We can provide a direct flight Munich-Lofoty-Tromso and back for 12.900 Kč / person. Airport fees and transport of two pieces of luggage ( weight 20 kg) is included in the price.

Plane – ticket prices are dependent on free reservation classes in a concrete flight. We recommend booking your flight in earlier time period.
You can also use our on-line reservation system where you can get profitable flight tickets.


We provide ferries for the way in a car according to the actual rates. The table of the most used ferries is found HERE

The connection to the island of Soroya is provided three times a day by ferry Oksfjord-Hasvik (1 hour), a way on the plane once a day from Tromso (about 800 NOK per person for one way). You can also take express boat from the town of Alta (1 hour).



One-week rent of the Sorvaerstua cottage for a group of maximum 10 people: 116.000 Kč
Extra pay for another person (when it is more than ten people): 7.000 Kč

If you would like to extend your stay for more than one week there is an extra pay for each next day 14% from the price of one-week rent.

There is a possibility to hire good-class boats Kvaerno. They are 6 m long with a steering wheel, electric starting, echo-sounder-GPS-plotter and a motor of 40-50 HP (17.000 Kč/week).

Some tourists use cutters for fishing under the control of professional instructor – guide. The cutters for 4-5 fishermen are available (18.000 Kč for 7-8 hours) or larger boats for 8 fishermen (about 1.500 NOK/hour).

Další služby

  • Transfer from the airport Alta to Sorvaerstua and back including a ferry is possible to provide for the cost of about 30.000 Kč for a group of maximum 7 people, the price for a a group of maximum 20 people is about 56.000 Kč (Both ways and ferry is included).
  • Transfer from the airport of Tromso to Sorvaerstua and back, ferry is possible to arrange for the price of 72.000 Kč for a group of maximum 20 people (Both ways and ferry is included).
  • Transfer on the personal boat from Tromso to Sorvaer (4 hours on the boat) is available for the cost of about 110.000 Kč for the group of maximum 20 people (the price is for one way).
  • We can also provide the night in a hotel in Oslo or Alta or Tromso (abou 1.500 Kč for a person for a night in a two-bed room, breakfast is included).
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